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Sacred Saturdays ~ Your Dance Temple

An Ecstatic Dance and Embodied Meditative Flow Experience

🌈 Come home to your heart
🌈 Allow spirit to move through you
🌈 Balance movement and stillness
🌈 Awaken your life force and connect with your inner strength
🌈 Practice deep curiosity about yourself and the world around you

Created by Charlotte Fortune aka DJ Fiery Fortuna of Heart Tapestry Dance as a heartfelt expression of her passion to connect people through the vibrant healing power of music and dance.

She shares the following three principles in her events:-
* Connection
* Expression
* Freedom

Ecstatic Dance is an embodied movement practice, a freeform flowing dance and moving meditation. Connect to yourself to create authentic connections with others. Connecting to our bodies with movement, breath, sound & touch. This is a dance to celebrate yourself.

🙏🏽 Guidelines 🙏🏽

Everyone is equally responsible for upholding the sacred space – be in your highest integrity in the space and respect ahimsa – yogic principle of non-harming, non-violence to yourself and others. Please be mindful of safety in the space.

⭐️ Bring a water bottle to stay hydrated (& perhaps a small towel).
⭐️ This is a drug, alcohol and smoke free event.
⭐️ Wear comfortable clothes so you can move freely.
⭐️ Dance barefoot or with socks, helping you to ground the body’s energy system.
⭐️ Honour how your body feels & rest when you need to.
⭐️ No talking on the dancefloor but feel free to express & release sounds in the dance. We communicate with our eyes, body and soul rather than words during the dance.
⭐️ No cameras or phones (Heart Tapestry Dance may take some photos and videos before & after the dance).
⭐️ Have fun, be curious & playful!
⭐️ This is a place to express yourself freely through movement, sound & stillness.

You may like to bring a notebook to set intentions before dancing & for journaling after the dance.

Check out Charlotte's website for more details:

When: Saturdays kl 18-20
Where: Yoga Kendra, Friisgatan 6C, Triangeln, Malmö
Investment: 200SEK
Pay via SWISH or cash when you come but please book the class via Yoga Kendra website (

No previous experience required.


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